Sunshine Kids Radian 80 Convertible Car Seat

TSunshine Radianhe Radian 80 is a convertible car seat for rear-facing children from 5 – 33 lbs. and then forward-facing for children up to 80 lbs with an integral 5-point harness.

The strongest car seat made, Radian80 features a steel alloy frame, 4-panel side impact protection and a unique energy absorbing harness system.

The detachable base simplifies rear-facing installations and its low side profile makes boarding your child a snap!

Not only does the Radian 80 exceed all Federal Safety Standards, it also has numerous additional safety measure designs to ensure that your child, no matter what their weight or age, will be totally secure.

Along with Recaro and Safeguard, the Sunshine Kids Radian 80 is one of only a few car seats built with a steel alloy frame; most are made entirely of plastics. While this does make the Radian 80  a little heavier than the average car seat, this extra weight adds a level of stability that owners of the Sunshine Kids Radian 65/80 will surely appreciate.

Radian’s unique design offers 3″ more shoulder room inside than any seat in it’s class and you can fit 3 across the back seat of a car. The Radian80 has full body support cushions for infants that can convert into height-adjustable head cushions for older kids. In addition to this, the fabric of the Radian80’s seat are plush and comfortable.


For added convenience, the Radian80 is still the only car seat in the world that folds flat to a compact seven inches (Radian65 to 6.5 inches), so it’s perfect for traveling. You can attach the included shoulder straps and carry it over your shoulder or wear it like a back pack.

As many cars do not allow top tether use with a child above 48 pounds, the LATCH-compatible Radian80 can also be used without a top tether with children who weigh up to 80 pounds.

The Radian80 ensures proper positioning with a five-point harness, with five shoulder positions and three buckle positions. EPS safety foam provides four-panel side impact protection in case of an accident, while the V-shaped top tether adds additional stability.

For an extra measure of safety and security in the car, the Radian80 features SafeStop, a patented, energy absorbing harness system. This load-limiting harness device absorbs a lot of the crash energy impacting a child in an accident by reducing the peak forces on the chest and neck by up to 30 percent. This is especially important for smaller children, who typically have a higher head weight to body weight ratio.

Radian80 Features:

  • sunshine kids radian 80from 5 lbs. to 80 lbs. in 5-point harness
  • Highest capacity convertible car seat
  • Steel alloy frame
  • Strongest convertible car seat made
  • SafeStop harness system
  • Absorbs impact energy in an accident
  • 4-panel system EPS safety foam
  • Total side-impact protection, more than any other seat
  • V-shaped top tether
  • Can be used rear-facing
  • 5 shoulder and 3 buckle positions
  • Proper harness fit for all ages and weights
  • Narrower outside width
  • Fit three seats across the back seat
  • Infant body support
  • Converts to pillow cushions for an older child
  • Folds to 7″ (17.8 cm) thick
  • Travel and storage convenience
  • Easier to get child in and out, plus safer positioning for child
  • FAA approved for use on aircraft
  • Dimensions and Weight: Dimensions Open: 17″W x 16″D x 28.5″H
  • Folded Dimensions: 17″W x 7″D x 28.5″H
  • Weight 22.99 lbs.

An iParenting Media Award winner, the Radian80 has been crash tested according to U.S. safety standard FMVSS213 and has met all requirements with extraordinary success. In fact, Radian significantly outperformed the crash test criteria required for a 65 pound child.

Beyond its high safety rating, the Radian80 is easy for parents to use and care for and features a soft and durable 100 percent polyester ultra suede cover.

The Radian is also a great choice for travel – fold it up and move it from car to car. The Sunshine Kids Radian is even FAA approved for use on aircraft. One negative is its weight – although it was designed with the traveler in mind, this seat is not lightweight – weighing in at 22 lbs.

However, The Sunshine Kids Radian80 convertible car seat is arguably the only car seat you will ever need.