Sunshine Kids Radian Travel Bag

A sunshine travel bag 2good quality portable car seat travel bag is a necessity if you are planning to take your portable car seat with you on an airline flight.

No doubt you have already experienced the manner in which your checked in baggage is treated, and you certainly wouldn’t want your portable car seat to be treated that way without any protection.

One of the best portable car seat travel bags available is the Sunshine Kids Radian travel bag. While this bag was specifically designed for the Sunshine Kids Radian car seats, namely the Radian65, Radian80 or RadianXT carseats, it can also be used for other portable cars seats. Please note, that it is indeed a snug fit.

The Sunshine Kids Radian portable car seat travel bag is constructed from a washable waterproof fabric, has a large locking zipper and features wide shoulder straps, allowing you to carry your portable car seat as a backpack, a shoulder bag or as a hand carry travel bag (all-in-one). The wide shoulder straps are easily removable for packing, storage or for easy cleaning.

While the shoulder straps are wide and adjustable, they are really only comfortable for relatively short distances, such as in and around airports or the like – you certainly wouldn’t want to be carrying them for any great distance.

Radian Portable Car Seat Travel Bag Features:

  • Features a new and improved design
  • Will fits all Radian65, Radian80 and RadianXT portable car seats (as well as some other brands)
  • Constructed of rugged, waterproof material that will keep your portable car seat dry during travel
  • Easily converts to a backpack, shoulder bag or hand carry bag
  • Is tear resistant with a locking zipper and padded carry straps

Radian Car Seat Travel BagIf you have ever tried to carry a portable car seat around an airport or train station, then you will already know that they are neither a convenient shape nor weight for carrying.

For ease of convenience and to minimise your stress (not to mention your risk of injury), you should consider purchasing a portable car seat travel bag before your next trip – you won’t regret it!

In summary, if you want to travel with your portable car seat and also want to protect it from damage and soiling, then a quality, durable portable car seat travel bag is not only a wise investment, it is also a necessity.

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